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19" Portable Rack Case

19" Rack Cases

Custom Flight Case Racks
19" Flight Case Racks
3D Flight Cases offer a large range of portable rack cases to cover just about any eventuality from custom flight cases racks to military spec waterproof racks. Available in either standard or as a shock mounted system on anti vibration mounts for the ultimate protection.

19" Rack Cases are designed to accommodate equipment that is 19" (482mm) wide and in height increments called units (U or HE). Each equipment module is bolted to standard rails fitted within the rack case, further modules can then be stacked above.

19" Rack Cases - The Width

Standard rack cases have an internal width designed to accept 19" (482.6mm) rack mount equipment with fixing rails each side. Multiple bays are available where the rack case includes two or more internal 19" rack bays side by side.

19" Rack Cases - The Height

Rack mountable equipment is supplied in various heights known as Units (U or HE) with each Unit having a height of 1¾" (44.45mm). By adding the equipment (unit size) together you can calculate the height in units of the rack case you require, for example 21" of equipment would equate to a 12U rack case. Depending on the style of case 3D Flight Cases offer 19" rack cases from 2 Units upwards.

19" Rack Cases - The Depth

19" rack depths (front to back) are calculated from the front rack fixing rail to the rear rack rail. The rack lids are generally not included. 3D Cases offer a huge range of depths up to 1000mm for server modules as standard.


Flight Case Racks

19" Flight Case Racks
Custom Flight Case Racks

3D Flight Case Racks are the most versatile, from our standard range or custom built to your requirements.

Our standard flight case rack range is available from 2 unit upwards and in standard depths of 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm, 650mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm. Styles include single or multi-bay and standard fixing or shock mounted racks.

Custom built flight case racks to your own dimensions. Learn More ...

Hardigg Racks

Hardigg Rack Hardigg rack containers
Hardigg Rack Container

Hardigg (now owned by Pelican Cases) rack cases are designed for and used by the military around the world. The Hardigg Industries 19 inch anti-vibration rack mount cases are unsurpassed, providing rugged and reliable protection in hostile conditions for all types of rack mountable kit

Hardigg rack containers provide shock mounted, airtight and waterproof protection for all rack mountable equipment. Hardigg 19" racks are available from 3U to 26U and up to 838mm (33") deep across their four different ranges, the Classic Rack, the SuperMAC, the MAC Rack and the Blackbox range. Learn More ...

Flight Case - Guarantee

3D Flight Case Guarantee

We confidently offer a 10 year guarantee on all our flight cases as with over 30 years of designing flight cases we know how frustrating a damaged flight case can be on a tour. We do not build 'Bedroom' flight cases or import 'Look-a-Like' cases from China, our cases are designed to be used on a daily basis on world wide tours. Unlike other companies we not only guarantee all our case hardware fittings but also the case construction against wear and tear - that is, after all why you buy flight cases. Our guarantee does not include abuse by children under the age of four or bad fork lift driving but does include Heathrow baggage handlers!

Call or email us at [Spam Protected - Mouse over to reveal] today and find out why 3D Flight Cases offer you superior long term protection for your your equipment.

19" Flight Case Rack - 19" Rack Case

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Hardigg Blackbox Rack

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Hardigg SuperMAC Rack

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Hardigg MAC Racks

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