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Padded Bags

Padded Bag

- Canvas & Nylon Heavy Duty Padded Bags


Over the years 3D have been asked if we can supply soft padded bags to the same professional standards as we offer with our flight cases - well, yes we can!

Both custom and standard stitched protective bags are available making our soft padded bag range the ideal lightweight solution for transporting delicate equipment and for protecting display equipment from marks and scratches.

Design Your Padded Bag & Canvas Bag

Mix 'n' Match Custom Bag Colours Like all our products we use only top quality materials for our padded bags, designed to handle continued high usage in busy and hectic environments. With various weights from 210 denier and 600 denier right up to the extremely hard wearing 840 denier we offer both canvas bags and waterproof ripstop nylon composite padded bags (My parachute is made of a very light 30 denier Ripstop nylon and I have trusted that many hundreds of times not to rip apart on the opening shock!).

Exhibition Equipment Padded Bags
Custom Padded Bags for exhibition equipment
Our padded bags, padded equipment cases and covers come with many options for you to pick and choose between when designing your own specifications, a large range of colours along with a choice of mixing heavy duty zips, Velcro and side release buckles as closures. various handles and adjustable shoulder straps are available which are suitable for padded 17" laptop bags up to larger display board bags.

Custom Padded Bags 3D nylon and canvas bags use heavy duty stitching and as standard have a 5mm foam between the inner and outer skins. The laminate between the inner and outer skins can be foam up to 12mm or a combination of a rigid plastic board and foam laminate. Single skin bags can also be produced.

In addition, pockets and pouches for fixing screws, mobile phones, paper work and lap tops etc can be fitted inside or outside and supplied with zipped, clipped, pressed stud or velcroed (Velcroed? what sort of word is that!) closures.

Company logo and sponsor names etc can be silk screened or embroidered for added corporate identity in addition any company colours included in the design.

Custom Padded Bags

Padded Bag & Padded Covers Usage

Strong yet lightweight making them ideal for many industries and uses including:
Exhibition & Trade Fairs
Display Panel Bags | Stand Hardware Bags | Promotional Bags | Exhibit Product bags
Sports Equipment Bags
Cricket Equipment Bags | Canoe Paddle Bags | Parachute Kit Bags | Football Kit Bags
Electronic & IT Bags
Laptop Shoulder Bags | Multi Laptop Bags | Test & Monitoring Equipment Bags | LCD Bags
Gigging Bands
Speaker Cab Covers | Amp Head Covers | Cymbal Bags | Mic Stand Bags | Cable Bags


Unicol Padded Bags
Padded Bags for Unicol equipment

Designed to your exact specification.

Best Priced Padded Bags Call us today to discuss the full options and designs of our padded bags. We can work from CAD drawings, sketches on the back of a fag packet, descriptions or from the items themselves requiring protection. All our padded bags are made in the UK.

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19" Rack Bag

19" Padded Rack Bag

3D Flight Cases also offer the Fly-Away 19" Rack Bag, designed with airline luggage weights in mind, keeping the rack weight down so more ENG/SNG equipment can be taken, whilst having the strength to survive even ‘The Heathrow Baggage Handlers’, reputably the meanest crew in the world.

Fly-Away racks have an internal 19" chassis mounted within a light weight and non-crushable 10 mm polypropylene honeycomb panel which is stitched into a padded carrying bag. MORE DETAILS

Apple Mac G5 Computer Padfded Bag

Apple Mac G5 Padded Bag

Custom padded bag for your Apple Mac Pro G5 tower computer, a lightweight alternative to a full on flight case.

When you just need light weight protection on those quick trips out then the padded G5 bag is the perfect answer. Easy 'use-in' convenience, front an rear access panels alone with extending handle and wheels.


Padded Bags - Custom Made Padded Bags

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